Prospective Student Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many girls are selected at Try-outs?

     Generally, we choose between 40-50 girls. However, we will place the cut at any number below 50, depending on the talent at the auditions.

2. What do I wear to auditions?

    Footwear: Wear dance sneakers or jazz shoes. 

    For the upper body: a fitted shirt/tank, a leotard, or halt top.

    For the lower body: booty shorts, athletic style shorts, or dance wear pants.

    General Note: if you are wearing a loose fitting t-shirt, or dance pants, you may be asked to remove them so we can see body lines. Wear a leotard or a sports bra type top under your t-shirt. Make sure your outfit complements your body style and makes you stand out.

3. Are the auditions closed or open?

    Auditions are closed to the public. There is a waiting area in the lobby of the Payne Center.

4. When will I find out if I passed the auditions?

     You will usually find out the day of the audition. However, there is always the possibility we will not announce the team until both auditions have been completed.

5. What will I do at the auditions?

     Each girl will perform various dance elements such as turns, leaps, kicks, a short dance routine, the fight song and the Strut. We will teach you the dance routine, it is not necessary for you to have one prepared. You will be judged according to your technique, rhythm, coordination, accuracy and memory of motions, and performance skills. 

     Required Elements: Double pirouettes, right and left splits, grande leaps, second leap(right side only), high kicks(above head), heel stretches, Chainee turns, axle turns.

6. What type of dance will be presented at auditions?

     We perform jazz, hip-hop, pom, kick, and novelty, always with a precision style. Attention to detail in choreography is extremely important. At auditions the dance will reflect most of the above and be similar to combinations used during half-time shows.

7. What should I do to prepare for the try-outs?

     You should be active so you are in good physical shape. Take technique dance classes to train your body and increase memory skills, work on kicks, turns, and leaps. Work on performance skills, agility, and flexibility. Be disciplined enough to follow through with a commitment to team work.

8. Do I need to bring anything to the auditions?

    Yes, bring a head shot, any recommendations letters, and your application. Applications will also be available at the door. Head shots should be on computer paper and will not be returned to you. The picture should reflect how you will look at the audition, and should not be a posed or dressy shot.

9. Are there any height or weight requirements?

    There are no height requirements at all. There are no exact weight requirements either. We will not weigh and measure you until you are on the team and getting a uniform. However, we do want a healthy looking team. We do not look for "model thin" dancers, but healthy dancers. If you look physically unfit or have trouble with your stamina then you may not be selected.

10. What do you look for at auditions?

      We want dancers who are strong performers with advanced dance technique. Dancers who are flexible, healthy, have a sharp memory, and can quickly adapt to changes are also a must.

11. What is the cost to be a Dixie Darling?

      You will pay a $60 rental fee for all uniforms and equipment. You will be expected to purchase your own boots, tights, gloves, and some practice wear.

12. Are scholarships/class credit offered?

      We offer scholarships through the music department and our DD alumnae association. You will receive class credit through the music and dance departments.

13. What is the time requirement for DD's?

      We only have class during the fall semester. Class time is Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30-6 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday 4-6p.m. We also have Pride band camp the week before the fall semester begins. All other time devoted to Dixie Darlings January to July is strictly voluntary and not required.